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When children have difficulties in saying the sounds of speech  

Babies begin learning to speak by watching and listening to others. As they grow babies play with speech sounds (babble – ‘baba daba’) before saying their first words around their first birthday. All children develop speech at a different rate but most children meet milestones by a certain age. At age 2 about half of a child’s speech should be understood. By age 3 most of a child’s speech should be understood by family and friends. Our Speech Pathologists can assess your child to determine if their speech development is appropriate for their age and provide advice and treatment around speech skills.

If you are not sure whether your child’s speech is developing normally, the following links to some developmental fact sheets may assist in helping you to know whether or not you should be concerned. 

The Sound of Speech: 0 – 3 years URL image 

The Sound of Speech: preschool and school aged children  URL image

Childhood Speech Sound Difficulties    

Sometimes children are identified/assessed as having speech sound difficulties, including articulation and phonological difficulties and childhood apraxia of speech.  Our Speech Language Pathologists offer evidence-based intervention approaches for children who are experiencing speech sound difficulties.