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 All About School Readiness

School Readiness Assessment Packages

Commencing school is an exciting milestone for you and your child, but it can also be an anxious time for parents.  Your child may be going into an environment which is very different from what they have been used to.  They also will encounter new people, and be expected to learn and participate in a range of new activities.   All About Kids is now offering a new service package to help parents and teachers assess whether their child has the skills to commence Prep and Year 1.  

A Team Approach to Prep and Year 1 Readiness  

Because of the range of skills required for a school setting, we are providing a coordinated approach to identify your child’s readiness.  Skills such as pre-reading and writing, spoken language, motor and attention skills will be screened during this process.

Package Details   

The cost of this screening package is $560, and includes:

        Speech Pathology Screening Assessment – 1 hour

         Occupational Therapy Screening Assessment – 1 hour

         Written Feedback Pack  

If your child is identified as having specific areas of difficulty, the SLP and/or OT may discuss with you options for ongoing support. 

If you have a younger child who appears to be experiencing difficulties in any of the above areas you do not need to wait for them to be commencing school to seek advice or assessment. 

Please call All About Kids on 32626009 to discuss your concerns.