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Speech Therapy

All About Kids Speech Language Pathology offers a comprehensive range of assessment, therapy and consultative services relating to children and adolescents.

We can help with:

Our Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are all members of Speech Pathology Australia, and our practice accepts Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plans from General Practitioners.  We are also approved for NDIS, DSS Helping Children with Autism and Better Start referrals. 

The Initial Appointment (Assessment)

At your first appointment, the SLP will collect information about your concerns, your child’s communication skills, any relevant background etc.  This may occur through observation, parent report and by administering some assessments.  The assessment appointment will often be booked for 1 hour, but may take longer, depending upon your child and their needs.   Sometimes a subsequent session will need to be scheduled.   A written report is usually provided as part of this process.

All About Kids offers a range of assessments which will help to diagnose and work out the best way to support your child/family. For example:

Treatment (Therapy Sessions)

If treatment for your child is recommended, a block of therapy sessions will often be planned.   Sessions will be carefully planned around your child’s individual needs, and based on the best available research evidence.  Sessions are also designed for your child to succeed and have fun!   Treatment sessions are usually ½ hour weekly, but this can be tailored to your family’s needs. 

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Our Speech Language Pathologists are also available for school and child care visits for therapy, case meetings, information sessions, and therapy support visits.


QLD NSW: All About Kids therapists are registered for Medicare (Better Access to Mental Health and Enhanced Primary Care Plan), Better Outcomes in Mental Health (BOMH), and Private Health Fund Rebates.

QLD NSW: All About Kids is a registered NDIS Provider: ECEI, Daily Living, Behaviour Supports

QLD NSW: All About Kids is a lead agency and an approved provider for the 'Helping Children with Autism' and 'Better Start'packages funded by the Department of Social Services.

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* All clinicians deliver services in accordance with the Code of Ethics of their affiliated associations.