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 AA Stuttering

Stuttering (or dysfluency) is a speech difficulty characterised by interruptions to the rhythm and flow of speech. Stuttering behaviours may include repetitions of parts of words (c-c-come, mu-mu=mummy), whole words (and-and-and) and phrases (give me-give). It may also include prolongations (stretching out parts of words – wwwwwwill) and blocks (effortful attempts to speak with no sound coming out). Secondary behaviours may be presents such as movements of the body or use of grunts of filler words (um).

Stuttering can affect children from early childhood. The stutter may change in severity or frequency over time and some children will recover naturally from a stutter. However, there is no way to determine which children will recover naturally and which will continue to stutter as they grow up.

Our Speech Pathologists can assess your child to determine if they may benefit from therapy to remediate or manage a stutter.

The following link provides some additional information about stuttering:   

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