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Ask Us

Q. Do I need a referral to see a Occupational Therapist?

A. No, just call us and we will book you in to see one of our therapists.

Q. Are there rebates available to help cover the cost?

A. There are rebates available through Medicare plans. Your GP or Paediatrician will talk to you about the availability of these. Alternatively, discuss this with your therapist following the assessment of your child. Most private health funds provide rebates under their 'extras' cover, but it is best to check your cover first.

Q. Does my 'Helping Children with Autism Package' and the 'Better Start Program' funding cover occupational therapy assessments and therapy?

A. Both FaHCSIA packages cover Occupational therapy.

Q. My child has problems socialising because they have trouble doing activities that require coordination. Does occupational therapy help?

A. Yes, an Occupational therapist will incorporate self-esteem and social skill support into their sessions when working on coordination. At All About Kids, counsellors and psychologists can also work together with your therapist to develop the best intervention for your child. Discuss this with your therapist.

Q. Do you give me ideas or a program to work with my child at home?

A. Yes, the best outcomes are when the therapy session goals are followed through at home, school and childcare.