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Helping Children with Autism Package

We have a range of support services within Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy to support your child. A case management intake interview is often held to discuss the needs and priority concerns of your child, and to plan an overall intervention including therapy, educational and home based needs.

Diagnostic assessments for Asperger's disorder, Autism and the range of Autistic spectrum disorders are conducted through our psychologists, whilst specific therapeutic or developmental assessments are also completed by all therapists in order to plan the most effective intervention for your child.

Autism LogoIntervention approved by DSS includes social skills and emotional regulation learning and management, communication, sensory processing management, anxiety, parenting and management of behaviours often associated with ASD.

For more information about Autism support and registering for the HCWA package funding visit the RAISING CHILDREN WEBSITE - AUTISM PAGE or 1800 428 847 to talk to an Autism Advisor.

Melissa Ryan

Occupational Therapist

B Sc., M Occ Th

Melissa began her career in 2006, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland. Her work has taken her to Sydney, London, Turkey and now home again, bringing 10 years of experience, to continue her...

Locations: Strathpine

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Katherine McLean

Occupational Therapist (Mental Health Accredited)

BOccTh, Mental Health Certified

Katherine is an occupational therapist with 13 years experience in paediatric and child & youth mental health settings in Melbourne, the UK and Brisbane. Her therapy style is based on using the child or young person's interests and creativity to...

Locations: Wooloowin

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