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Other Therapies

All About Kids is proud to support children and their development through a number of avenues. Group programs and alternate therapies provide families with opportunities to engage with a range of interventions in order to support their children.

Our other Therapies pages will expand over time as we partner with experienced therapists who have valuable interventions to offer children and their families.

All About Kids regularly run group programs for children and parents. Group therapy can be a useful adjunct to one-to-one therapy, as it often provides an opportunity for the child to practice skills learnt in a safe setting. Groups also allow a child to see that they are 'not alone'; and they have the chance to learn not only from the facilitator, but also their peers.

It is advisable that any child entering a group program has an initial one-to-one intake session with a Therapist, as we carefully construct the groups to match children for skill level and need, not just age. Most programs attract a Medicare rebate or have HCWA approval.