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Cogmed Working Memory Training

cogmed logoCogmed is a working memory training program. It is a well researched program which increases working memory, attention and concentration. Children and adults who struggle with disorders such as ADHD/ADD, learning difficulties, poor working memory may all benefit from this program. Working memory is critical for focusing, appropriately shutting out distractions, and for complex thinking. 8 of 10 users who complete training show measurable results.

All About Kids offers Cogmed intervention to support those children and teenagers who would benefit from improved attention or who have other difficulties associated with poor working memory.

The program is an intensive 5 week computer based working memory training. The program adjusts for the individual person over the course of training ensuring the level of difficulty for each session is optimal for learning. There are programs designed specifically for young children, youth and adults. Our Cogmed coach supports you throughout the training and is able to discuss progress, motivation and other support requirements. Cogmed training improvements provide the basis for ongoing learning intervention. These are discussed during and at the conclusion of training. The Cogmed coach is able to consult with schools as part of the support process.

Follow the link to watch a demonstration of Cogmed.


There are 3 parts to Cogmed training at All About Kids.

PART ONE: Is Cogmed for my child?

Interview and assessment session

PART TWO: The Program

PART THREE: What progress has my child made?

Six month follow-up.

Cogmed offers a free extension training valid for 12 months following the completion of training.

What do I need to do the training

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