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Ask Us

Q. Do I need a referral to see a psychologist?

A.  No you don't need a referral to see any of our psychologists, counsellors or social workers. Simply call or email us to make an appointment to see one of our clinicians.

Q. What if I have a referral from my GP or paediatrician?

A.  If you have a referral from your GP or paediatrician under a Medicare plan you are eligible to claim a portion of your appointments from Medicare.  For psychology and social Work, this is usually for 6 sessions with a maximum of 10 sessions available.

Q. Does my 'Helping Children with Autism Package' and the 'Better Start Program' funding cover psychological assessments and therapy?

A. Both FaHCSIA packages cover psychological and developmental assessments and therapy. Assessments are covered when they provide direction for intervention. Formal or informal assessments may also be completed during or upon completion of groups of therapy sessions so that we can monitor progress and change.

Q. Are you registered for NDIS?

A. Yes, All About Kids NSW operates witin an NDIS region. All About Kids allied health practitioners are experienced in offering a variety of therapeutic services for children and youth with disabilities.

Q. Will you help me if I need personal counselling?

A. Yes, Our psychologists and counsellors often support parents through their own personal difficulties. Healthy, happy parents are the key to their children's success.

Q. My teenager is 16 and seems depressed and never wants to see his friends. Should he see someone?

A. Seeing a psychologist for support with friendships or other concerns he may have can be extremely helpful.

Q. My child has problems socialising because they are anxious. Does counselling therapy help?

A. Yes, a counsellor or psychologist works on both social skills and anxiety prevention.

Q. My teenager seems so stressed about school, exams and friends. Who should I see?

A. Our reception staff will help choose the psychologist or counsellor best suited to your child's age, concerns and interests.

Q. I'm pregnant and think I might need some support to get me through a difficult pregnancy. Can you help?

A. Our clinical psychologists can support you throughout your pregnancy and help you adjust to parenthood.

Q. The relationships within our family are breaking down. Can you help?

A. Our psychologists are experienced in both family and marital relationship therapy.