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Children, adolescents and their parents are supported within the clinic by a range of professional assessment, psychological, counselling and therapy services.


Many children and adolescents experience a range of emotional and developmental challenges including anxiety, worry and stress, depression and sadness, anger, grief and loss, trauma, and family separation. Developmental difficulties include speech and language delays, sensory processing problems and motor coordination delays. Difficulties at school may include learning difficulties and disabilities, bullying, and social and friendship issues.

All About Kids provides therapy and assessments for children and adolescents, advice and counselling for families, group programs for children and parents, and professional development for those working with children.

All About Kids has Therapists who specialise in assessment and intervention for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disorders, and in assessment and support of children who may be considered gifted and talented.

All About Kids Therapists are registered for Medicare (Better Access to Mental Health and Enhanced Primary Care Plan), Better Outcomes in Mental Health (BOMH), and Private Health Fund Rebates.

All About Kids is a lead agency and an approved provider for the 'Helping Children with Autism' and 'Better Start' packages funded by the Department of Social Services.

All About Kids is an approved 'Brisbane Mind' 'Brisbane MIND4Kids' provider. Brisbane MIND4Kids is an Australian Government Department of Health Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program and is managed by Brisbane North PHN (link to website forms).


Psychologists + Counsellors + Speech Language PathologistsOccupational Therapists + Dieticians


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